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Sticking to your Diet

Finding the right diet for you can be a momentous task but then sticking to it can be even worse. Distractions, boredom, even a bad day at work can set you off-track and from then on it becomes a slippery slope down into the quitting of your diet.

When you do find a healthy diet plan that involves exercise as well as recommended foods, you begin by finding motivation in anything before realizing that actually, it’s not fun to diet at all. This probably means you are on the wrong diet that really doesn’t offer you enough support.

For most people, it is hunger that ruins their diet. Rumbling stomachs are hard to ignore, especially for days on end so it is not uncommon for people to get into the frame of mind where a quick snack here and there “won’t make a difference” which eventually turns into them eating in the exact same way as they used to.

With the Dukan diet, you are encouraged at every stage to eat foods that will keep you going for the whole day and taught how to keep this up even after the diet ends.

It is a simple idea that is so effective. To entice you into eating rather than starving yourself, the Dukan 100 foods are foods that most people would eat on a regular basis anyway.

These are things you are allowed to eat and it is recommended to alternate between protein days and protein-plus-vegetables days. This means the diet perhaps is not ideal for vegetarians but absolutely perfect for those who are carnivorous.

Of course, as with any weight loss plan, you cannot leave it down to diet alone. Exercise is just as important as watching what you eat and the ideal routine for you is personalized when you sign up to match your suggested diet which is all based on the information you initially enclose about your current weight, your ideal weight and other factors such as age and height.

Being so encouraging and personal, this diet is easy to stick to and teaches you how to progress after the diet too.

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