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Overweight Plague: Causes, Risks, And Remedies

The overweight epidemic is one of the most common issues in society today. With its dangerous effects coming to light, more and more people want to shed the fat from their bodies.

Every now and then, people come across advertisements regarding losing fat quickly and getting perfect body shape. There are some programs which promise rapid body fat reduction with the help of their products and physical training, and many have started offering special diets for that.

However, you need to be careful when choosing any of these because these may not deliver what they promise. But, let us first understand the causes and risks associated with fatness.

Causes of obesity

The causes of obesity may vary but would be because of one or many of the following reasons.

  • Portions of the meal have increased considerably. As a result, people consume more than what their stomachs can accommodate. This increases the size of the stomach, and people eat more on a consistent basis, leading to weight gain.
  • Stress levels and work pressure has a great effect on body weight. Work pressure doesn’t give a man time to scrutinize the food he eats, and stress increases body weight by inducing more appetite.
  • The Sedentary lifestyle that is prevalent today is one of the prime causes of weight gain. The activity level has decreased a lot too. The comfort of elevators and good transportation has deprived him of even the small activities which were possible before.
  • Snacks and drinks, which are frequently consumed these days, have high calorific value. Even a small portion of these provides the body with a huge amount of calories. Modern man has become quite habituated to these, and the results are quite evident.

3 Risks Associated With Fatness

There no doubt, is a huge number of people who toil hard to shed extra weight to look slim and sexy, but the health hazards of fatness should provide a stronger motivation.

  1. The fat deposition in the body increases the blood pressure by depositing it on the inner walls of the arteries. Things become more problematic when it is deposited in the coronary arteries because it makes the body prone to cardiac arrest.
  2. Increased blood pressure also causes brain hemorrhages and renal failures besides cardiac problems.
  3. Fat deposition in the liver causes sclerosis and disrupts the normal hepatic functions.

Ways To Lose Fat

Many ways have already been discovered to shed extra fat from the body. To me, the traditional methods are quite effective in reducing body fat if practiced with dedication, although modern techniques like liposuction (lipectomy) have an immediate effect.

  • People go for diet curtailments to reduce the fat content of the body, but what you eat is more important than how much you eat. Considering this, I don’t think there is any need to consume less, but you must eat healthily. Adding fruits and vegetables to the diet works.
  • There shouldn’t be any compromise on exercise. Physical exercise is very important because it burns extra calories and hence fat. Greater the activity levels, the higher will be the calorie burn-out and higher fat reduction. These mainly include aerobic exercises.
  • “Resistance training,” which involves making the body work against something to help it develop muscles works in a dual way. It gives a perfect shape to the body and also reduces the body fat.
  • Drink water daily. Water promotes fat metabolism and thus decreases weight.

Apart from all these methods, self-control is very important. Restricting high-calorie snacks and drinks and resisting irresistible desserts is very important to become and remain slimmer.

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