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Healthy Nutrition Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our first recommendation is to set an eating schedule.

It’s easier than ever to get up and roll right into calls or emails, bypassing our nutrition altogether.

We want to avoid rolling into the later hours of our day at a 10 out of 10 hunger level.

At this point, it’s damage control where energy is low with a headache. We’re feeling a little brain fog, and it’s really challenging to make good nutrition decisions.

So, establish some eating times throughout the day and then use your smartwatch, your phone, your outlook calendar to set reminders.

Honor these reminders and think of them as appointments with yourself to fuel.

Our second recommendation is to identify a place in your home where you eat and make sure it’s not the same place where you’re working sleeping or watching television.

We want to avoid building those mental connections between the couch and eating or desk and eating. So, whether it’s a dining table, a kitchen island, pick that place and enjoy all of your meals there.

It really makes it easy to practice mindful eating when we’re eating without distractions, and it allows us to hear our body signals when we’re satisfied.

You should remember that a snack is a mini-meal. Ideally, it has some source of protein, such as a fruit or a vegetable, and then plate all your snacks just like they’re a meal.

We want to avoid eating directly a large bag, a box, a container that makes it really hard to know how many servings were getting and how much we’re consuming.

So whether it’s a piece of fruit and nut butter or some veggies and hummus, put it on a plate sit down at your eating location and enjoy.

Our last and probably most important recommendation is to keep in mind other feelings can come up as hunger in disguise.

This is something that we often refer to as emotional hunger or head hunger. It can be very convincing if you find yourself cruising through the kitchen between meals. Take a pause and ask yourself could this be something like boredom, stress, or fatigue bubbling up as head hunger.

If you’re bored, it’s a great opportunity to take a walk or work on a project, do a chore around the house. If you’re feeling stressed, use that opportunity to journal, listen to music, maybe call a friend or practice some mindful breathing and meditation

Maybe you’re tired. Even though we’re leaving home much less than we once did, we’re still doing a lot we’re helping with home school, we’re working we’re cooking meals, doing chores. So if it is the end of your day and you find yourself in the pantry – take a pause and ask yourself if you are truly tired.

If so, go to bed, recharge yourself, and be prepared for the next day.

We hope these quick recommendations were helpful once again, and we’re here to help and support in any way we can.

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