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10 Foods That Will Help You Get Rid Of Your Pain The Natural Way

We have become so used taking pills and drugs that we run to the pharmacy for even the slightest pain we might feel.

While modern medicine has helped save countless lives, we need to remember that nature is filled with remedies for our ailments we can use without the fear of unwanted side effects.

Here are 10 potent foods that relieve pain as well as any drug and are way healthier for your body.

1. Ginger Rood

Chew it, drink it or rub it on you, ginger root is nature’s best anti-inflammatory remedy. Take ginger powder to lessen pain from physical exhaustion or rub the ginger paste on your sore muscles and joints. And every pregnant woman knows that it’s great for treating stomach pain and nausea. 

2. Tahini

Magnesium brings many health benefits to the body, like the ability to fight muscle tension, unfortunately, we don’t get enough of it. Sesame is rich in magnesium and tahini is a paste made from ground sesame. Next time you need to treat headaches and sore muscles, think tahini.

3. Turmeric

Just like the ginger root, the turmeric root contains curcumin, a natural phenol. In short, it is the natural equivalent to an aspirin. So, instead of reaching for the aspirin add some turmeric to your food and you’ll be good as new.

4. Yogurt

The human intestine has billions of microflora and their imbalance can be the rood of many health problems like painful rashes, hair loss, hormone imbalance and the obvious gut-related problems like IBS, excessive gas, and painful bloating. All those problems can be lessened by drinking yogurt which contains live and active cultures that restore microflora imbalance.

5. Dark Cherries

Every pain caused by inflammation like joint aches, gastrointestinal discomfort, PMS symptoms can be eased with a small serving of just 20 dark cherries or any other dark fruits, thanks to the anthocyanins they have that block the pain signals.

6. Cold Water Fish

Adding herring, mackerel, tuna, salmon, sardines and other cold water fish to your diet will help you get rid of chronic pain from back and neck injuries, not to mention the many health benefits of Omega 3.

7. Peppermint

The refreshing peppermint the best and tastiest muscle relaxant. Rub peppermint oil on wrists and ankles when you have pains in your extremities, rub some crushed peppermint leaves on temples for headaches or drink some tea for when you want to relax or settle an upset stomach.

8. Aloe juice

Aloe Vera is the best medicine for burns and it is the main ingredient in many skin care products, but drinking it can help you not only relieve the pain from stomach ulcers but will help in the healing process as well.

9. Hot Peppers

Not everyone has a taste for chili peppers, but the capsaicin they contain is the main ingredient in many topical pain relievers, which in short prevents pain signals to reach the brain. Hot pepper extract may offer temporary relief, but it is still one fast and effective pain remedy

10. Papaya

Another nature’s anti-inflammatory product, the enzyme in papaya called papain is excellent for reducing pain and swelling after surgery. Papaya is also a great source of anti-oxidants and vitamins that help in the proper workings of many bodily functions.

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