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10 Best Waist-Whittling Foods You Need In Your Diet

The road to a flat belly is a hard one. Exercises can take you only part of the way. To reach the goal, you’ll need to attack from the inside by eating the right foods.

And what are those? Rich in fiber to prevent bloating and keep you filled longer, they need to be antioxidants, which will make your exercises even more effective, and they need to contain proteins for keeping your metabolism healthy.

To get you the general idea, here are ten foods that will bring you a step closer to that sexy flat belly.

1. Salmon

Some research has shown that insufficient vitamin D in the blood is connected to obesity, and that means no flat belly. With high levels of vitamin D, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, which also help fight belly fat, it makes the salmon an excellent choice of food for slimming down your tummy.

2. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are quite a refreshing treat, especially for the summer, but they also help you fight fat. Since keeping hydrated is always a plus, cucumbers are loaded with water, and with only 45 calories, they help with hydration and weight management and are great against bloating.

3. Fennel Seeds

To lose fat faster, you need your gastrointestinal system to be in perfect working order, and that’s not the case for most of us who don’t always watch out what they eat. Dried fennel seeds have long been used to restore balance in the digestive system. They are very nutritious, containing fiber, magnesium, calcium, and iron, which help relax the muscles and let the gas out easily. No gas, no bloating.

4. Olive Oil

All olive oils are much healthier and better for cooking or salad dressings than regular cooking oil, but the extra virgin kind by far the best. Thanks to the healthy monounsaturated fats it contains, it helps burn fat faster and reduces the amount of stored fat in the future. As a bonus, it helps keep the cholesterol in check.

5. Yogurt

Like all dairy products, yogurt is an excellent source of calcium. While it’s good for the bones, it also slows down the production of the cortisol hormone, responsible for storing fat. Another great thing about yogurt is that it contains probiotics bacteria that help keep the digestive system in perfect balance, and that means less gas, bloating, or constipation. The best choice is low-fat or fat-free Greek yogurt.

6. Whole Grains

All whole grains help flatten your stomach, like the all-time favorite popcorn, oats, wheat, and the best for preparing more filling meals the quinoa. The secret behind their effectiveness in reducing belly fat is that they burn fat and release the energy slowly into your body, and they are a great source of fiber. So make sure you incorporate these tiny whole grains into your diet.

7. Eggs

Eggs another great source of vitamin D and an excellent way o start the day. Thanks to their balanced amino acids and proteins, eggs in the morning will keep the hunger at bay longer. The only downside is that eating too many eggs is not recommended for people with high blood cholesterol.

8. Leafy Greens

They are probably the least favorite vegetables for most, but in the fight for a flat belly and fewer pounds, they are the best. Low in calories, rich in fiber, and a good source of calcium (for an extra boost in your workout routine), these green leaves of health will help you on your way to the figure you’ve always wanted. And if the low-calorie count doesn’t work, it doesn’t hurt that the carotenoids they contain help prevent cancer.

9. Soy

Soybean products are the vegetarians’ best choice when it comes to meat substitution, and they are very versatile. They are a great source of antioxidants, fiber, and protein. Soybeans are very easy to digest, and they help melt away that pesky belly fat by turning it into energy. From soy milk to tofu, consuming soy products will get you to your goal faster, and don’t forget that they are also excellent alkaline food.

10. Apples And Berries

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and fat as well. Apples contain quercetin, a compound shown to help fight certain cancers, reduce cholesterol damage, and promote healthy lungs. And just like berries, they are rich in fiber. Aside from fiber, berries contain high levels of antioxidants, which improves blood flow and helps muscles contract better. All of that is contributing to having that flat belly.
Keep to these foods, and you’ll witness the fat melting away, leaving you with strong and sexy abs.

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